Quintessentially Group's estates arm is expanding to New York City

London-based global property group Quintessentially Estates is expanding its international referral network to New York City in a collaboration with an estate brokerage in the Big Apple.The firm is owned by Quintessentially Group, a concierge service for billionaires that's also behind the world's biggest yacht. Its estates arm specialises in sales and acquisitions of prime residential properties in London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and elsewhere, and it's working to increase its international presence. Penny Mosgrove, chief executive of Quintessentially Estates, said the firm is taking into account both the local market potential as well as the wider investor market."The expansion is a result of an uplift in the needs of our clients and members for both primary homes as well as investments in the US marketplace and our resulting desire to service their every property need," Mosgrove said. She added the move, which collaborates with the New York-based Corcoran Group demonstrates the firm's commitment to the US market following a period of relative uncertainty in buyer and vendor sentiment."We are highly optimistic about the potential for success in this market."Quintessentially Group boasts 60 offices around the world and an annual turnover of £150m.Tara King-Brown and Amy Williamson, licensed associate real estate brokers with Corcoran, have acted as trusted advisors to international buyers and sellers in the New York luxury property market for over a decade."Our new relationship with Quintessentially Estates will allow us to connect its valued members to prime opportunities for investment and enjoyment in this powerhouse city," they said.