Sir James Dyson is set to snap up a £130m portfolio of commercial buildings in London

Vaccum cleaner king Sir James Dyson is in pole position to snap up a £130m portfolio of commercial buildings in London.The billionaire’s bid will likely beat rivals’ offers for a portfolio of 13 buildings in Fitzrovia known as The Village, according to the Sunday Times. The properties are currently owned by the LCH Group.The deal is expected to be made through Weybourne Group, a subsidiary of Dyson’s holding company. Through Weybourne, Dyson has bought up commercial properties including offices in Mayfair and a B&Q store in Greenwich.

In March, Dyson revealed that its profits for 2016 topped £630m after the hoover giant recorded a 244 per cent growth in its Chinese markets. Turnover around the world grew 45 per cent in the year to £2.5bn.CEO Max Conze said: “2016 was one of our best years yet, driven by new technology and international growth.”Dyson did not respond to requests for comment.