Ventia rebrands to promote on co-working space

The rebranding comes after The Boutique Workplace Company, which is part of the Moorgarth Property Group, acquired Ventia at the end of last year.

Even though Ventia was by far the larger and more established brand at the time of the deal, directors David Hall and Dan Welbe decided to adopt The Boutique Workplace Company name.

“Ventia was well known in the market, but we felt The Boutique Workplace Company captured a bit more clearly what we’re about and what we’re going to be like,” said Hall.

The rebranding, which has been timed to coincide with the launch of a new website, comes as the company expands into co-working.

Two of the three new sites it has added to its 25-strong portfolio this year, both in Shoreditch, feature co-working space. The Boutique Workplace Company will look to incorporate private offices and co-working space together at other centres.

“The blend of both means we can accompany businesses through their journey,” said Welbe.

Last year’s takeover has also provided extra funding to invest in its centres – which are in older, characterful properties – adding more breakout spaces and updating the interior design.

“We can take what our offices look like to the next level,” said Hall.

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