WeWork: “We’re only at the very beginning in London”

WeWork has declared that it is only just at the beginning of its takeover of the London office market, in an interview with EG.The company’s executive vice president Patrick Nelson said: “The biggest issue that I have right now is that we don’t have enough desks to satisfy customer demand.”Speaking following the signing of central London’s two biggest office deals of the year, he said: “We have 15,000 members in London. We’re 90% full and see that we’re really at the very beginning. We doubled last year. We will double this year and we will double next year.“The real estate market is slow to move, and this is filling up a gap that is focused on the end user.”Commenting on the harvesting of data about the company’s members, he concluded: “This is an incredibly attractive part of the labour market that has never been grouped together under one umbrella. Because we are first mover, we have a bigger data set than anyone else does.”