WeWork targets Manchester for regional debut

Co-working company WeWork has begun a preliminary search in Manchester, as it looks to set up its first UK sites outside London. A move to Manchester by WeWork would see the city further establish its reputation as the UK’s most important regional city for innovation, media and technology. Plans are at an early stage, but WeWork typically takes multiple sites in each city to give its members options and establish a strong presence. If WeWork opens in Manchester, it is anticipated that it could look for up to three locations. Spinningfields, St John’s and the Northern Quarter are likely to be prospective areas of focus. WeWork has 11 locations in London totalling around 700,000 sq ft, which range from 11,000 sq ft to 160,000 sq ft with an average size of around 61,000 sq ft, and it is looking for more (see below). A WeWork spokesman said: “There is enormous opportunity for WeWork in the UK and we are always exploring ways to add to our community here. Right now, however, we are very focused on our London locations, and the continued expansion here that we have just announced.”The US firm has 115 locations in 13 countries across four continents. However, other than within its domestic market and Israel, it does not have sites in more than one city in any of those countries.